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  • Your membership in the Corona Chamber of Commerce could be one of the smartest business decisions you've ever made. You will find that the return on your dues investment is tremendous. In the short-term, in the form of business referrals and networking opportunities, to the long-term, in the form of advocacy and business-friendly legislation, your Corona Chamber provides exceptional benefits.


    The Corona Chamber promotes business, advocacy, community and economic development while serving as a catalyst for improving the overall quality of life in our community and region. 


    Since 1910, this Chamber has been providing business with resources for prosperity. A strong, dynamic business community benefits everyone in the greater Corona trade area. Your Corona Chamber connects local businesses, service organizations and all levels of government to create an environment where people want to live, work and play.

    The Chamber is a private, not-for-profit organization, supported by over 800 businesses throughout the Inland Empire, representing over 45,000 jobs. Most of our members are small businesses with less than six employees.


    Through a wide variety of programs and initiatives, your Corona Chamber works to positively impact the quality of life in the region, while supporting the growth and prosperity of our members. Together with talented leaders in business, community, and government, the Chamber's volunteers and professional staff work to make this community a better place. From education to economic development, your Chamber is committed to giving each of its members the opportunity to prosper in today's competitive business world. The primary objective of your Chamber is to improve the economic vitality of the Corona business community. The Chamber provides a clear and persuasive voice for the business community, advocates for business-friendly legislation at federal, state, county, and local levels, attracts new businesses and industries to the community, and attracts new customers to our member businesses.


    The financial investment made by members like you, in the form of dues, sponsorships and participation in events such as the Golf Classic, Women's Leadership Conference, and Monte Carlo Night, allows your Corona Chamber to make a significant impact on critical business and community issues. The maintenance of an adequate level of support from all business and professional interests in the community is essential to finance the programs that are vital to community growth and development. By leveraging the talents and resources of our members we can improve the economic opportunities for everyone in the greater Corona area. Your Corona Chamber provides business-building programs, from professional development seminars to networking opportunities and business referrals to discounts on business-related goods and services.


    The Chamber surveyed members like you. Your needs came through loud and clear, and we selected our Core Competencies based on filling those needs.

    Our Core Competencies are:

    ~ Creating & Sustaining a Strong Local Economy

    ~ Promoting the Community

    ~ Providing Networking Opportunities and Business Referrals

    ~ Representing the Interest of Business with Government

    ~ Promoting Political Action to Ensure a Favorable Business Climate


    The Chamber's professional staff and dedicated volunteers work diligently to provide resources for your success.


    Your Corona Chamber actively supports pro-business legislation and fights against job killer bills.


    The Chamber works closely with the City of Corona and neighboring communities, the County of Riverside, businesses and local service organizations to promote the economic health of our community.


    Your Corona Chamber is the primary source for businesses and individuals seeking information on the business climate in our community.


    The Chamber promotes the greater Corona trade area as an economic, financial, educational, medical and cultural center for the Inland Empire.

  • The Corona Chamber of Commerce's 2019 Executive Partners The Corona Chamber of Commerce's 2019 Executive Partners